The John Paulson Big Band

St. Cecilia Theatre

February 22, 2020



Alto 1 Rich Rohrbaugh  (Rochester, MN)  

Alto 2 Aaron Lohmeyer (Winona, MN) 

Tenor 1 John Paulson (Winona, MN) 

Tenor 2 Ray Dretske (Winona, MN)

Baritone  Dave Townsend (Rochester, MN)  



1.  Warren Bandel (Rochester, MN)

2. Scott Jensen   (La Crosse, WI)  

3. Gerard Ahlgren (Mpls., MN)  

4.  John Mundy (Wabasha, MN)   



1.  John Sievers (Rochester, MN)

2. Mark Lakmann (La Crosse, WI) 

3.  Eric Heukeshoven (Winona, MN)  

4.  Tom Nalli (Winona, MN) 


Rhythm Section:

piano:  Larry Price (Winona, MN )   

bass:  Troy Birdsong (La Crosse, WI) 

guitar:  Cliff Jack (Rochester, MN)   

drums:  Rich MacDonald  (Winona, MN) 


Ariane Lydon, voice  (Brownsville, MN)

(all selections
composed & arranged by John Paulson)



Drop Off Blues


Five Years On


Big River Bossa




A Pad Downtown


Dis ‘NDat


(15 minute intermission)


Monkey Bread 


You Gotta Tri
(premiere performance)


Cloud Theory Medley




I Fear A Rhapsody


Four P.M. Blues


Thanks for coming!

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