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Live Jazz Returned 

 .... with caution (& then left)

We did our last jazz duo gig on the patio at Wellingtons October 8.  Sad to say but it's getting too cold for outdoor gigs in Minnesota--- more here

More JP jazz tunes featured on KSMQ Public TV.. details

Also:   If you missed the recent broadcasts of KSMQ's PBS TV show "off 90" show, it's now available

on YouTube here!

(latest JP JazzNotes here)

Many or most professional artists have been severely impacted financially by the world-wide health crisis please join me in contributing to Jazz Central Studio's fund to aid & support MN jazz musicians- donate

JP Big Band 2/22/20  St. Cecilia Hall 

Winona, MN  photo: Mary Farrell

More  flute music from Central Lutheran Church in Winona, MN .. details 
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