Latest updates 11/6/20

Not much News but Happy B. Day Adolphe Sax!
 (6 November 1814 – 7 February 1894) 
After a long hard month without my horn.. I got
my newly rebuilt Tenor Madness sax back from the
TM shop in Waterloo... just like new..(see photo) 
Randy Jones and his tribe do awesome work!
check them out at:  


John Paulson & Eric Heukeshoven  Jazz Duo

at Wellingtons in Winona, MN

Thanks to Julie Gardner and Jim Kronschnable at Wellington's in Winona, MN for hosting our outdoor duo gigs the last few months...too cold to play outside now & we are not ready to risk inside performances yet but we look forward to getting back into it as soon as it's safe.   

I've been working on some exciting long distance recording projects lately... Plus-  I just applied for a MN State Arts Board grant online recording and educational projects.

If you missed the recent broadcasts of KSMQ's PBS TV show "off 90" show, it's now available on YouTube here 

The full broadcast  includes segments of my presentation at the Dilley Symposium last November and portions of the JP Big Band concert 2/22/20 at the St. Cecilia Theatre in Winona, MN.


And...  A couple JP Big Band tunes included in the "Off 90" TV show mentioned above are now on this YouTube link.  "Big River Bossa" is at about 7:00 minutes and "Dis & Dat" is at 17:45.  Check out the full JP Big Band concert program & personnel from 2/22/20 here

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JP Big Band St. Cecelia Theatre 2/22/20
Wellington's Winona, MN 
October & June '20
by Janet Heukeshoven 
The JP Big Band rocked Wellingtons in Winona, MN 12/1/19 (photo by Anita Doering )

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